I've been chatting it up on some of my favorite podcasts lately. Seems I've got lots to talk about, with the recent release of Learning Web Design, the 20th anniversary of Global Network Navigator (GNN, the first commercial website that I worked on in '93), and the upcoming ARTIFACT Conference for Designers that I co-founded. Here's the podcast round up from November 2012 to January 2013:

Big Web Show

hosted by Jeffrey Zeldman
FUN FACT: I was the only guest to be on Jeffrey's show twice!

The Web Ahead

hosted by Jen Simmons
Jen and I talk about learning the basics of HTML & CSS.

Non-breaking Space

nbsp_100.png hosted by Christopher Schmitt and Dave Macfarland
FUN FACT: Christopher and Dave wrote the books that taught me CSS3.

The Web Behind

hosted by Eric Meyer and Jen Simmons
The Web Behind is a part of the Web Ahead podcast series. In this episode, I wax nostalgic about what it was like to design for the web back in '93-'95. See also my fun Ignite Talk on the same topic.

I Made This: The iOS Skirt



A few weeks ago, in preparation for a mobile web development conference in Orlando, I had a vision of a skirt with tumbling iPhones and iPads, and I knew what I had to do. I had to make it exist.

After a trip to the mall turned up no plain A-line skirts, I realized that I needed to sew the skirt myself...something I had never done before! But I found a pattern (I had to hack it to get rid of the tie at the waistband) and managed to make a skirt that looks like a real skirt and not like college dorm room curtains.


For the iPhones and iPads, I found illustrations online, cut out paper templates, and then cut the shapes out of various fabrics. An iron-on backing makes the appliqué work much easier. I'm very pleased with the way it turned out. I'm going to be an unstoppable skirt-sewing machine!

I'm looking foward to debuting it at the conference. But, lord help the mobile nerd who points out it that doesn't accurately represent the diversity of the mobile landscape. Dude, it's only a skirt!

Arlo Better Faster Stronger

My Christmas present from my brother (the unstoppable Liam Lynch) in 2011 was this video of Arlo dancing to his favorite Daft Punk song. It's my favorite thing on the Internet! (well, in addition to the other Arlo videos Liam has made, listed there on the right column.)

Wow! I was on the Big Web Show!

Recently, I had the great pleasure to be the guest on Episode 50 of The Big Web Show with Jeffrey Zeldman and Dan Benjamin. I wasn't sure that I had enough to talk about for an hour, but as it turned out, after 60 minutes I was still going strong.

Jeffrey and I reminisced about the early days of the Web; I talked about working for O'Reilly Media and my experience turning my HTML Pocket Reference into an iPhone app; and I revealed some thoughts and insecurities about my design process and my quirky sketchbook hierarchy.

We barely even got to the topic of Rock Stars! Always leave 'em wanting more, I say.

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