ARLOWEAR! (for a good cause)


make custom gifts at Zazzle

Arlo's been cranking out some awesome pixel art (using Pixl Pinchr, created by our friend Ben Brown), so I decided to turn a few of his designs into t-shirts for Christmas. They were such a hit, that now I'm making them available for everyone to buy via a Zazzle store.

All proceeds from the shop will go to Rhode Island Community Food Bank that runs some excellent programs that help feed hungry children and is desperate for donations in these bad times. Arlo is learning that you can use art to make a difference.

A cool thing about the Zazzle store is that the shirts are completely customizable, so if you don't like the shirt shown in the sample, you can choose a different style and even resize and shift the artwork if you choose. It's fine with me... go nuts!

Please spread the word and help make the Arlowear store a success.