I Made This: The iOS Skirt



A few weeks ago, in preparation for a mobile web development conference in Orlando, I had a vision of a skirt with tumbling iPhones and iPads, and I knew what I had to do. I had to make it exist.

A Parenting Conversation with Ringo

The Bored Box

Photo of Bored Box with suggestion slips

I have memories of whining to my Mom, "Mooooomm, I don't have anything to do," to which she invariably responded "Take off your sock and spit in your shoe" (yeah, I never got it either). Sure, good for a giggle, but a pretty frustrating dead-end to a bored five-year-old.

Welcome to JENVILLE 2.0!!

From time to time, I have something I'd like to let you all know, and now I finally have a place to put it. Welcome to the new and improved, JENVILLE 2.0!

This poor site has been gathering dust for years because I've just been too busy to give it the overhaul it desperately needed. In addition to the new look, the site is now running on Drupal (surprise, surprise) which should make it a lot easier to update and maintain. That means you can leave comments (nice ones, of course) and keep up to date by subscribing to the RSS feed.

XL (2005 Compilation)


XL cover

XL is the latest installment in my end-of-the-year compilation tradition. Although this compilation may be “x-tra large,” the title actually refers to the fact that I turned forty in 2005 (XL = 40, get it?).

Why I Haven't Updated Jenville in Over a Year


I've always been a hard worker, but I've never worked like I worked this year. This year, I worked at the expense of just about everything I love: cooking, listening to music, socializing, personal projects, and last but not least, updating my sites. It has been exhausting, but I do have a few things to show for it:


Oh, BABY! (2004 Compilation)


cd cover

Oh, Baby! is the latest in the fine tradition of "Jen's Favorites" end-of-the-year samplers. 2004 was the year of adjusting to life as a new mom to my gorgeous son Arlo. To be honest, it was difficult to find time to listen to new music at all. I considered titling it "Blood from a Stone".

Tidying Up

in homepage

This month Jeff and I launched a redesign of Ringo Starr's web site. We originally helped create his site last year, but there were lots of bits that were out of date. After a year and a half of site maintenance, we had a better idea of the site's requirements, so the new design is better suited to Ringo's needs.

Web Sites for the Ladies


I've had a couple of fun web design projects this year, both for women-owned ventures.

redstravel home page

The most recent is a site for Red's Travel (above), a personal promotion site for Amy Harkin, who speaks and writes about travel. Amy is also known for her appearance on NBC's Starting Over, a reality television show that takes in women with specific goals and gives them the tools to change their lives.

Baby Arlo!



It is with tremendous joy and excitement that I announce the birth of my son, Arlo William Robbins.

Arlo gave us a bit of a surprise by arriving on Wednesday, January 14, 2004--he wasn't due until February 6. Despite being early, he weighed in at a robust 7lbs 6oz. The labor and delivery went smoothly and everyone's happy and healthy.

This is by far the biggest project of them all. Think this kid will have a website of his own? I'd say the chances are pretty good. Let me rest up a while.

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