A Parenting Conversation with Ringo

I imagine heaven to be a place where Beatles music is playing everywhere you go, and with the release of Beatles' Rockband and their digital remastered albums yesterday (09/09/09), the world was a little like my vision. The Beatles were playing all during my morning work session at Starbucks and just about everyone who walked in started singing along, knowing all the words. The Beatles were playing in every store, on every radio station, and on TV. And I never once got sick of it.

Last year, I had the opportunity to have a nice chat with Ringo Starr about being a Dad (and Grand-dad!) for my project "Parenting with Rockstars." That project, unfortunately, has not gotten off the ground, but I've decided it's high time this interview sees the light of day.

I hope that you will enjoy it (and if you know Kim and Thurston, tell them that I'd love to interview them too!)