Lotsa Logos


Out of the blue, a small avalanche of logo design work came my way at the tail end of 2003. Which is good. I love designing logos. Here's the rundown on some of my new projects.


First Lever logo

This is a logo for a web consultant company that specializes in designing portals and massive intranets. The client definitely wanted a pictorial mark depicting the idea of a lever and fulcrum as part of the logo. Sounds easy right? As it turns out, capturing a lever in an iconic form turned out to be quite a challenge because levers by nature are unbalanced and unwieldy. This one is quite abstracted, but the color tie-in to the word is a strong reinforcement. The bottom version shows how the mark was adapted to work in a single color.

Signature Pools and Spas

signature logos

After many ideas and rounds of revisions, we finally settled on this logo design. The mark is a stylized pool seen in perspective (an earlier version had a small diving board at the top, but that got nixed along the way). There was a fair amount of back and forth about the logotype font. It was originally all crisp, sans-serif, and uppercase, but the president of the company had his heart set on a type that looked more, well, like a "signature." After some struggling to adapt the design to the ascenders and descenders in a script font, I think this final version works pretty well. I gave them two versions--horizontal and stacked--as shown above.

Sound On Screen

SOS logo

I made this logo for an old college pal of mine who is starting a video transfer company in Midcoast Maine. The notion of a reel on fire was Gordon's (he's "burning" film on DVD). Jeff gets credit for envisioning the flames coming out the side to give it as sense of motion and make it look less like the film is just being destroyed. With the concept in place, my job was just to put the pieces together and make it pretty. The top logo is the 2-color version used on business cards. The bottom version is the full-color reversed logo used on the web site.

Tangental thought: Will CamelCase ever die?