Setting Up House in Seekonk


Seekonk house

It's been a month since my last post to Jenville, but I have a decent excuse -- the chaos and insanity of MOVING. Jeff and I recently packed up and moved to a spiffy and spacious new house in Seekonk, Massachusetts. The new house is actually only 4 miles due east of our old house in Providence, but it lands us in a whole new state (with its accompanying new drivers licenses, registrations, etc.).

It was a bit difficult to leave the cozy charm of our last home, but the fact is we were running out of room. Our new place is 50% larger inside and comes with almost two acres of land. Now when I look out my office window, I see a meadow, gardens, trees, deer, and bunnies. It's not at all hip, but boy, is it comfortable. It's the most grown-up I've ever been.

I want to officially acknowledge my parents, Bill and Pat Niederst, who were the real heros of the move. My dad spent 6 days painting nearly every room of our new house. My mom single-handedly packed and unpacked nearly everything I own. The rest was packed up by Jeff's mom, Judy, her husband, Rick, and Jeff's dad, Bruce. We feel very lucky to have such a wonderful support system and we truly could not have pulled this off without them.

No doubt there will eventually be a formal little site for this house like the one I made for our Providence place. For now, I'm just unpacking boxes and catching my breath.

If you liked the old house, perhaps you'd like to BUY IT! As of today (10/13/03) it is still on the market for $299K. It's a gem and the neighborhood is great. Tell your friends.