Stuff for Neal Pollack



I've been doing some design work for Neal Pollack. In case you don't know, Neal is the Greatest Living American Writer. He's got a rock-n-roll novel coming out in October called Never Mind the Pollacks, and to promote it, he'll be going around the country doing readings and performing with his band, The Neal Pollack Invasion. I've seen them. They are a spectacle to behold.

I was introduced to Neal last March at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas by my good friend, Ben Brown, and we hit it off like gangbusters. He was a guest on my project, The Jenville Show, and since then, I've been helping Neal with his graphic design needs.

I was enlisted to create the design for the official tour t-shirt, the front of which you can see above. Here's what's happening on the back of the shirts:

back of tour t-shirt

I also did the graphic look and feel of Neal's personal web site (

Both the shirt and the site design borrow heavily from the Sex Pistols aesthetic, which feels right for Neal's latest ventures in rock parody. The ripped pages at the top of the site are a direct reference to Neal shredding his own book during his live show.

If Neal invades your town, be sure to go see him. Buy all his books. Buy him a drink. And don't be offended when he dumps it over his head.