Tidying Up Ringostarr.com


ringostarr.com homepage

This month Jeff and I launched a redesign of Ringo Starr's web site. We originally helped create his site last year, but there were lots of bits that were out of date. After a year and a half of site maintenance, we had a better idea of the site's requirements, so the new design is better suited to Ringo's needs.

My favorite part is that Arlo is a part of Ringo's site this time around. First, in the video Update dated Oct. 28, 2004, Ringo sends a shout out to Arlo (and his folks, too!). It's just a minute or two in. I'm so tickled.

Arlo also shows up in the Photos section in a photo called "Arlo of the Forest ." Ringo had sent me a photo of a patch of oval mushrooms for the site. When I looked at it, it just reminded me of lots of little bald baby heads. I did little Photoshop tinkering and sent the results back to Ringo and Barbara. They liked it so much they decided to put my version online. It's my first collaboration with a Beatle! (unless you count my singing along to Revolver into my tape recorder when I was 11.)