Web Sites for the Ladies


I've had a couple of fun web design projects this year, both for women-owned ventures.

redstravel home page

The most recent is a site for Red's Travel (above), a personal promotion site for Amy Harkin, who speaks and writes about travel. Amy is also known for her appearance on NBC's Starting Over, a reality television show that takes in women with specific goals and gives them the tools to change their lives.

I became a Starting Over addict as a result of its perfectly coinciding with Arlo's feeding schedule, so I had been watching Amy on TV and following her progress. Then one day, there was an email from her in my in-box! It's weird when people come out of the television and into your real life. As it turns out, she knows my brother- and sister-in-law, and they kindly pointed her in my direction for help with her site.

Jeff and I worked on the site together. I did the visual design and he built the site using Movable Type to allow Amy to make her own content updates. We're all very pleased with the results.

postmarkpress home page

The other site is for Postmark Press (above), a company that creates greeting cards from vintage postcards. I worked with Dorothy Thompson and owner, Kathy Alpert, to create a site that captured their very well-established corporate identity.

Due to time and budget constraints, we were forced to cut some corners, which is why the online catalog is made up of huge images from their print catalog (ouch), but that will be improved in the future. This site is out of my hands now, but I like to think I gave them a good start in the right direction.