Lotsa Logos


Out of the blue, a small avalanche of logo design work came my way at the tail end of 2003. Which is good. I love designing logos. Here's the rundown on some of my new projects.


First Lever logo

Setting Up House in Seekonk


Seekonk house

It's been a month since my last post to Jenville, but I have a decent excuse -- the chaos and insanity of MOVING. Jeff and I recently packed up and moved to a spiffy and spacious new house in Seekonk, Massachusetts. The new house is actually only 4 miles due east of our old house in Providence, but it lands us in a whole new state (with its accompanying new drivers licenses, registrations, etc.).

Stuff for Neal Pollack



I've been doing some design work for Neal Pollack. In case you don't know, Neal is the Greatest Living American Writer. He's got a rock-n-roll novel coming out in October called Never Mind the Pollacks, and to promote it, he'll be going around the country doing readings and performing with his band, The Neal Pollack Invasion. I've seen them. They are a spectacle to behold.


Buddy Cianci

[note, this site is now at]

I just finished up a quickie web site design for a local filmmaker, Cherry Arnold, who is making a documentary of the life of Buddy Cianci. For those who don't know, Vincent "Buddy" Cianci was the mayor of Providence for 22 years (making him the longest serving mayor in U.S. history) and is currently serving time for corruption charges.

SomeMusic Logo & Stuff



My husband, Jeff, is collecting his various talents for songwriting, recording, and production and serving them up in a new soundtrack company called SomeMusic. He's been doing this sort of work professionally for years, but now it has a name, so it's official.

Jeff and I worked together to develop a simple logo for the company, and I designed some collateral pieces, shown below.

Liam Lynch: Fake Songs


Fake Songs CD cover
Liam's debut CD, Fake Songs, hits the stores today (April 8). The music is great AND you get a full-length DVD with animations, short films and animations, and behind-the-scenes footage of him and Ringo in the studio.

But that's not all... the CD comes with artwork designed by yours truly and Liam. He provided a great set of photos and I whipped it all into shape.

Learning Web Design, 2e


I've been working and working on updating my book, Learning Web Design. In fact, this is pretty much all I've been doing since the year began.

The Jenville Show!


the jenville show logo

I've posted a demo version of my new project, The Jenville Show, a.k.a. "Cooking with Rockstars." All the pieces aren't there yet, but you'll get a good feel for what it's going to be.



racecar cd cover
I named the 2002 compliation Racecar because it is one of my favorite short palindromes and 2002 is the last palindrome year of our lifetimes. This is the fifth end-of-the-year disc I've produced, which I believe is enough to officially call it a "tradition."

2002 featured a virtual tidal wave of new music, so it was never more difficult narrowing it down to 70+ minutes. Fortunately, I was aided by my trusty iPod which made reviewing songs (mostly on the commuter train to Boston) a breeze.

Phone Doodles


If you talk to me on the phone for more than 5 minutes, chances are THIS is what's happening:

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