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I've just completed a logo and identity design for another shop opening on the west side of Providence. This time it is for a fine cosmetics and skin care shop. The owners wanted a fun, retro, glamour look for the shop that used kelly green as the primary color. The graphic above shows the sticker that goes on the bags. You can get an idea of the other pieces in the collateral package below.

111 Poster


111 poster
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My brother, Liam, has a thing about the number 111. It started with the fact that he was born at 1:11 am, and since then, 111 has always been his special number and a good omen. Not surprisingly, he named his company 111 Productions, Inc.

Clementine Logo


My friend, Annie Atherton, is opening a hip clothing and accessories shop called Clementine in Providence's up-n-coming West End. I got to help out by designing the logo and stationery for the shop.

The circle-c design came to me instantly, and Annie loved it right away. If only all clients were so easy! So far, we've put it to use on stickers, business cards, stationery, signage, and temporary tattoos. It's a flexible system... I could even see using different "C"s in the stylized orange.

Chipmunk or Dinosaur?



My friends, Lane and Courtney, are getting married, and I had the honor of designing the postcard invitation for the rehearsal dinner. The card was part of a set of custom-designed postcards --one for each event-- designed especially for Lane & Courtney by a few of their design-y friends. The only criteria: it had to have something to do with Lane & Courtney.

Yet Another Styleguide


Millennium logo
The end of the summer finds me working wildly on another corporate identity style guide. This is the fourth style guide I've done for Digitas, an ad agency in Boston. This one is for a pharmaceutical company in Cambridge called Millennium.

Big Astronauts from Little Astronauts


astronaut drawingClick for larger view

This is a picture of a 4 ft x 4 ft pastel rendering I spent the last four days making. I started with a 100 x 100 pixel square digital photograph (shown below) then copied each pixel, row by row. That's 10,000 chalk-marks, baby!

Baby Gifts



Babies are happening left & right! It's a good excuse for me to get out the old sewing machine and make something personal for my new little friends. This time, I've been trying my hand at appliqué.

The photo above shows matching one-pieces I made for Lillian & Jessica Buckley, Paul Buckley's new twin girls (Paul was the drummer in Jeff's band, Orbit).

"Professor Robbins"


That's what they call me at Johnson & Wales University, School of Technology! Since I was so recently known as "Jennifer Niederst," it took a while to realize they were talking to me.

<challenge time="high" pay="low">Web Design 101</challenge>

Since the beginning of March, my class IS2020: Basic Web Concepts has been dominating my life. Although I've done web design workshops, this is my first taste of teaching a full-semester college course. It's come with some surprises...

1331: The Valley Drive Mix


1331 CD cover
click image for larger view

This is a compilation of the music I listened to when growing up at 1331 Valley Drive, Akron, Ohio. The era—1978 and 79. It's a mixed CD that only I (and my little brother) could love... I think you had to be there.

Book Design Revisited


book pages

Lately I've been kickin' it 0ld-school and designing BOOKS! That's right...designing on paper. And I must say, it's really fun. I get to pick type faces, think about space above and below, and fuss over rule weights. I get to measure in points and picas. And when I'm done, the page doesn't move around, and it looks the same way to everyone who views it. Remarkable. I'm remembering why I became a graphic designer in the first place.

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