Sandblasting Glasses


set of glasses
One of my favorite projects of last year was sandblasting the letter "R" (my new initial!) on all the barware that we received as wedding presents. We even made a little movie about it... take a look!

Exciting Launch of


This is the personal site I've been meaning to make for years. has served well for my professional endeavors, but it would be inappropriate to post information about my personal life and projects there. It's great to finally have a venue for all the fun stuff!

I'm a compulsive list-maker, so it's no surprise that the home page is a list of lists. On the right, there are three "active" categories that reflect how I spend my time:

OrangeImagineering Style Guide


style guide pages

My current freelance project is a corporate style guide for OrangeImagi-neering, a division of Orange Telecommunications (a big wireless company in the UK). Once again, I've been hired to help work out the rules of the brand, write all the guidelines, and design/produce the final book and web site. It's style guide one-stop-shopping.

Sifl & Olly Merchandise


CDs and DVDs

My brother, Liam, has been keeping me hopping designing products for his merchandise line. In the past few months, I've designed CD packaging for Sifl & Olly: Songs of Season 1 and Liam Lynch's We're All-Nighters (Liam's serious musical endeavors), DVD packaging for Sifl & Olly Season 3, as well as Sifl & Olly and "Crescent Fresh" t-shirts. Next on board are a Chester t-shirt, the "Welcome to Earth" DVD packaging, and Sifl & Olly: Songs of Season 2.

Isle of Printing Web Site


Isle of Printing home page

Our friend, Bryce McCloud, down in Nashville, Tennessee runs a way cool letterpress print shop called Isle of Printing. I'm such a fan of his work that I asked him to design and print the invitations for my wedding. In exchange, I agreed to whip up a web site for his business.



Taft CD

TAFT! is a compilation of some of my favorite songs from the year 2001. have been putting together year-end compilations for four years now. I have great fun putting together the list of songs, designing the packaging, and writing the copious liner notes that explain why I picked each song. Each year, the distribution list and enthusiasm grows, so the tradition is certain to continue.

This year's compilation features the following:

Rilo Kiley: Go Ahead

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