"Antiqued" Jeans: the OCD* look



What amount of compulsive, maniacal, thigh-rubbing would it take to create white patches on the lap of otherwise new-looking jeans? And woudn't you be more likely to start a fire first?

I can't stand this new "old" look that seems to be ubiquitous in jeans these days. I don't care if they are the latest fashion, or on whose runway they were first spotted. I don't care if this view makes me unhip...out of touch... old!

I didn't fall for that "acid-washed" thing in the 80s, and I'm not biting this time either. I'll continue to search through the stacks to find jeans that are all one color and I'll break 'em in myself, thank you.

*OCD=Obsessive Compulsive Disorder