Patriotic Housewares


Am I to understand that we, as Americans, have had a sudden shift in taste and now want our entire houses to be bathed in red-white-and-blue, from the kitchen table to the bed? Our nation's brave retailers seem to think so, and they've wasted no time in answering the call for patriotic housewares!

For a bold look that leaves no question of your loyalty to America, try Ross-Simons, Kmart, or even good old Crate & Barrel. You image-conscious professionals may choose to show that you'll "never forget" with the proper muted indigo and barn-side burgundies over at the Pottery Barn. It's all red-white-and-blue to me.

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And I'll have none of it, although I can't help a detached, fascination with the phenomenon. It's alarming to me how quickly flag-ware burst onto the market after that fateful day last September. With the 4th of July on the horizon, there's been no holding back.

I'm new to Patriotism, I guess. I don't recall red, white, and blue making much of a impact on home furnishings during Vietnam (at least judging by the brown shag carpeting and orange-foil wallpaper in the Niederst household). Maybe it was different during WWII...and maybe the bright aqua-blues and flamingo-pinks of the '50s were a collective sigh of relief.