I've been chatting it up on some of my favorite podcasts lately. Seems I've got lots to talk about, with the recent release of Learning Web Design, the 20th anniversary of Global Network Navigator (GNN, the first commercial website that I worked on in '93), and the upcoming ARTIFACT Conference for Designers that I co-founded. Here's the podcast round up from November 2012 to January 2013:

Big Web Show

Wow! I was on the Big Web Show!

Recently, I had the great pleasure to be the guest on Episode 50 of The Big Web Show with Jeffrey Zeldman and Dan Benjamin. I wasn't sure that I had enough to talk about for an hour, but as it turned out, after 60 minutes I was still going strong.

Yay! New Car!!

fiat_exterior.jpg fiat_interior.jpg

After 12 years with my little green Beetle it was time for a change. Welcome the Fiat 500 (also little and green)! I love love love this car. It's zippy and handles well. It's got Sirius Radio and Bluetooth. And a sunroof.

My SXSW 2011 Band Roundup

It's been a month since SXSW (and an embarrassing full year since I've updated this site... jeesh), so it's high time I share this little video I made featuring all the bands I saw in Austin this year. 24 bands over 3 days, edited down to 6.5 minutes!

10 Things I Love about JEFF the Brotherhood

I've been talking a lot about this band JEFF the Brotherhood from Nashville. Now I'll tell you how they captured my heart.

SXSW '09 in Five Minutes

Our Favorite Kids' Books

Arlo and I have done some serious reading over the years... I'd say 30 to 60 minutes per day on average for just about every day of his life. With all the hundreds of books we've enjoyed, there are some that stand out as true favorites. Some are make the list (like the books of Maira Kalman and Calef Brown) because the artwork and words are just as engaging for me as they are for Arlo. A few are classics. Others are just perfect for settling down at the end of the day. For whatever the reason, these are the books that we never seem to get tired of reading.

Look who stopped by Jenville!

10 Perfectly Ordinary Things I've Never Done

In no particular order:

1. Eat a peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich

2. Be a bridesmaid

3. Do a cartwheel

4. Play a game of chess

5. Mow a lawn

6. Watch an episode of Lost

7. Play Monopoly

8. Drink a cup of black coffee

9. See Casablanca

10. Swim a lap

I think it's cool that my friend John has never tasted ketchup. What ordinary things have YOU never done?

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