1980s Jen

1985 jen

Hey look! It's me circa 1984... art major, new-waver, cross-dresser. A conversation over cocktails the other night got me thinking about the times I've started over. I dug through the old photo albums (an exercise consistent with the nostalgia kick I've been on lately) and found these artifacts of an era. What you see here is a girl who recently left behind her bookish, shy, unpopular highschool persona and found new self-confidence in expressing her "arty" side. It was fun to finally be seen.

In the 20 years since these photos were taken, I've started over several times, most recently as Arlo's Mom.

1984 jen
A Notre Dame campus magazine ran a story on students who "dressed differently". I think there were 6 or 7 of us. [olive green chemical warfare pants, orange paisley shirt, black trenchcoat]

in boy clothes
Here I am modeling for a friend who was studying to be a fashion photographer or something. I never slicked my hair back like that normally. The portrait at the top was from the same shoot.

with donovan
What's missing from this shot is my usual vintage skinny tie.
(with fellow art student, the amazing David Donovan)

Here I am in a stand-off with a hippie... apparently losing.
(Actually, this is my dear friend, John Dardis.)

in the nazz
And just to prove I DID actually smile in those days, here I am with my friends in the all-night lounge in the student center. I think that was my roommate's shirt. It was important to button the top button in those days.