Boys Are Sexxy!

Boys are sexxy cover

While going through boxes of my old belongings at my parents' house last week, I discovered relics from my early publishing career. I used to love making books when I was little. It's no wonder I became a book designer later in life. Here are a few samples from when I was just 5 and 6 years old.

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boys2_cover.gifBoys Are Sexxy
Age: 6
I think this book was the direct result of watching too much "Love American Style" as a kid. The traced outline of a man cutout found in the Sunday paper became the basis of the illustrations. Notice that at 6 years old, I wasn't sure what happens on a date after getting into the car.
gh_cover.gifThe Ghost House
Age: 6
This is just a few sample pages of a much longer book in which I encounter and befriend several ghosts and monsters. My favorite is the final page in which I have my hand on my chin in astonishment over having met a ghost ("I never dreamed I would meet a ghost before!").
myday_cover.gifMy Day
Age: 5
And thus begins a lifetime of pleasing others.