My SXSW 2011 Band Roundup

It's been a month since SXSW (and an embarrassing full year since I've updated this site... jeesh), so it's high time I share this little video I made featuring all the bands I saw in Austin this year. 24 bands over 3 days, edited down to 6.5 minutes!

Some highlights for me were the Orbit reunion shows, getting to see Yellow Ostrich, hanging with John Vanderslice before his show, and the JEFF the Brotherhood show where Jake played up on the bar. There were plenty of other great musical moments in those three whirlwind days, as well!

Please forgive the crappy audio and video quality. My iPhone and Flip camera (RIP) are not the best tools for capturing loud shows. Apologies also for the "naive" editing on this video, particularly the abrupt ending. I'm going with my mother-in-law's saying "Done is Beautiful" on this one. Enjoy!