I've been chatting it up on some of my favorite podcasts lately. Seems I've got lots to talk about, with the recent release of Learning Web Design, the 20th anniversary of Global Network Navigator (GNN, the first commercial website that I worked on in '93), and the upcoming ARTIFACT Conference for Designers that I co-founded. Here's the podcast round up from November 2012 to January 2013:

Big Web Show

hosted by Jeffrey Zeldman
FUN FACT: I was the only guest to be on Jeffrey's show twice!

The Web Ahead

hosted by Jen Simmons
Jen and I talk about learning the basics of HTML & CSS.

Non-breaking Space

nbsp_100.png hosted by Christopher Schmitt and Dave Macfarland
FUN FACT: Christopher and Dave wrote the books that taught me CSS3.

The Web Behind

hosted by Eric Meyer and Jen Simmons
The Web Behind is a part of the Web Ahead podcast series. In this episode, I wax nostalgic about what it was like to design for the web back in '93-'95. See also my fun Ignite Talk on the same topic.