SXSW 2003!!

I've just returned from my yearly trip to Austin, TX for the South by Southwest Interactive Conference and Music Festival. As always, I had a wonderful time. This year's trip was divided into two distinct portions. First, I got to see my web friends (although not as many as in years past) and do the things we usually do at the Interactive conference.

Then a whole new gang of friends rolled into town for the music festival. I was on a mission this year to gather interviews for my new project, The Jenville Show (Cooking with Rockstars). I got four new interviews (Apples in Stereo, John Vanderslice, Neal Pollack, and Iron & Wine), and got to see even more great shows. I returned home with aching feet and starry eyes.

ben, lane, chris
Everybody, smile!
Could these men possibly be having more fun? Ben, Lane, and Chris were my primary companions for the Interactive conference. Despite appearances, they were quite entertaining and downright lively, even.

lane and pableaux
Lane and Pableaux
I was on Pableaux's freelancin' panel this year, which went very well. Lane looks awesome in this shirt.

Taco break
It wouldn't be SXSW without a stop at Gueros. We had three tables this year instead of one gigantic long one. This gathering featured Adam, Ann, the spectacular Molly Steenson (plus a gentleman I did not have the pleasure to meet).

mollly, chris
You're soaking in it!
One of the best things about staying at the Hotel San Jose is that it is easy to entice all my friends over to hang out in the courtyard. This evening, a bunch of us relaxed our toes in the heated pool. Molly and Chris engage in serious conversation.

ben, john
Internet sensations, Ben Brown and John Halcyon Styn, chill out poolside. Josh Davis' ornate arm is in the foreground.

Delicious comedy
One of the highlights of the Interactive conference was Heather Gold's performance, "I Look Like an Egg, but I Identify as a Cookie." Very touching and entertaining.

everyone eating cookies
In Heather's world...
...everyone gets cookies. Heather's delivers her monolog while baking cookies from scratch. Afterward, we all got a taste (and good thing, too, it smelled SO good in there!)

john, josh
John Halcyon Styn and Josh Davis.

Days go by... Some time after this photo was taken, the Interactive Con-ference ended, and nearly all my web friends left town. Soon afterward, the music festival began, at which point, I put down my digital camera and picked up the video camera. A large portion of my trip is unfortunately undocumented.

I put the video camera to good use, however, and got 4 new interviews for my new project, The Jenville Show.

cynthia, mike, me, ben
When worlds collide...
There were LOTS of people in town for the music festival. In fact, there were representatives of just about every phase of my life, often in one room! In this shot, we have Cynthia Reed (my best friend in Providence), Mike Higgins (whom I met in college at the age of 19 and who became one of my best friends in Boston), and Ben Brown (part of my Web world). I love it when all my friends meet and get along.

and collide again...
On that same theme, the guy in the white shirt is Bryce McCloud, my friend from the year I spent in Nashville. Bryce designed my wedding invitation and I designed the site for his printing company. This shot is taken at Boulden Creek Coffee House and features Cynthia, Bryce, Nick (also from Nashville), Lauri, and Ben.

ben, me, bryce
Two good boys
I realize that nobody (except maybe Jeff) can understand the weirdness of seeing Ben and Bryce in the same place. What a wonderful day.

Minutes after this shot was taken, Cynthia and I made our way to the airport and SXSW 2003 came to an end.