The Great Bread Panic of '01

bread panic panel jeff and jen on tv

Last week marked the 2-year anniversary of the Great Bread Panic of '01 (pronounced "ought-one") AND of our debut on Providence local television.

There was a big storm a'comin' and New Englanders were getting stocked up before they got socked in. Jeff and I just happened to be in the Shaws supermarket when we bumped into Channel 10 reporter, Brian Crandall, and his cameraman. Sure, we'd answer some questions.
Click to start the movie or download it here.

For the record, I had several pithy comments of my own, but unfortunately, they hit the cutting room floor. Jeff's moment in the spotlight was a classic. In fact, we met people a year later who, after hearing us tell the story, said "that was YOU!?"

Also for the record, as it turned out, we got 5 inches of snow total before it changed over to rain and washed away. Those bread-hoarders must have felt pretty silly.