Time Out Chicago!

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Hey, this is cool... The Jenville Show got covered in Time Out Chicago (Issue No.3, March 17-24). One of their music writers, Antonia Simigis, stumbled across the site and liked it enough to call me up for an interview. I couldn't be more pleased.

Here's what it says:

Food for rock
Backstage craft tables? Pshaw. If you want to know what brand of veggie sausage Ben Bibbard of Death Cab for Cutie eats, or re-create John Vanderslice's carefully-crafted puttanesca on your stove top, stop by www.thejenvilleshow.com. "You learn somuch about a person talking about food," says Jennifer Robbins, digital hostess and, incidentally, Liam Lynch's sister. Robbins has interviewed everyone from Iron and Wine (who make a mean beet stew) to Jack Black (who likes Dorito burritos) about food—and only food—then posts the videos and recipes on her site. "We never talk about music, so the bands are diggin' it. They're like, 'Yay, I don't have to explain my band name for the five-thousandth time!' Then they start talking about their grandmothers and get all nostalgic." Surprisingly, Robbins has only tried a couple of the recipes. "Robert Schneider [of the Apples in Stereo] has something he calls 'The World's Best Drink,'" she says. "It's half orange juice, half Coke. So I tried it. And you know what it tasted like? Half orange juice, half Coke."