Uncle Liam Show: SAVER!!

In the summer of 2007, Arlo spent some much-anticipated time in front of his Uncle Liam's green screen, this time, in full Superhero regalia. Liam turned on the lights, camera, and fan and just let Arlo monologue for as long as he liked.

The result is the brilliant and little-seen "Saver!" video.

Unfortunately, the fast flying and running action scared 3-yr-old Arlo to death and he ran out of the room crying when he saw it (an ending made even more unfortunate by the fact that Liam stayed up all night editing it so that Arlo could have it to take home). Arlo refused to ever watch it again, a stance he's sticking with to this day. So don't tell him you've seen it... he doesn't even want to know the awesomeness he's missing.