3-Dollar Belts!


Color junkie that I am, I couldn't be more tickled with these NYC street vendor finds. The first batch was 4-for-$10; the second batch (with two holes), three bucks each. Now, thank goodness, I have just the right belt for every outfit. For a while, I was all about the powder blue, but these days, it's silver all the way.

The Boy Loves Me

While I was in California last week, Arlo and Jeff recorded this little message and sent it to me in email. This is the best part of being a Mom.

Prepare yourself for the cuteness!!

Uncle Liam Show: SAVER!!

AR-lo, AR-lo, ROCKS YOU!

Time Out Chicago!

timeout_small.gif Click for larger view

Hey, this is cool... The Jenville Show got covered in Time Out Chicago (Issue No.3, March 17-24). One of their music writers, Antonia Simigis, stumbled across the site and liked it enough to call me up for an interview. I couldn't be more pleased.

Here's what it says:

Food for rock

The Uncle Liam Show: Picture Show

The Uncle Liam Show: Arlo's Theme Song

Death Cab and Cutie

baby arlo with death cab for cutie

Arlo's such a hipster. Here he is hanging out on the tour bus with Ben Gibbard and Chris Walla from his favorite band, Death Cab for Cutie. Too bad the concert was past his bedtime.

The Ben Gibbard interview on The Jenville Show is now online. It's one of my favorites, so you should check it out.

1980s Jen

1985 jen

Hey look! It's me circa 1984... art major, new-waver, cross-dresser. A conversation over cocktails the other night got me thinking about the times I've started over. I dug through the old photo albums (an exercise consistent with the nostalgia kick I've been on lately) and found these artifacts of an era. What you see here is a girl who recently left behind her bookish, shy, unpopular highschool persona and found new self-confidence in expressing her "arty" side. It was fun to finally be seen.

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