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Bulgarian Nutshell

My book has been translated into BULGARIAN! How cool is that?

See a sample page here.

The Great Bread Panic of '01

bread panic panel jeff and jen on tv

Last week marked the 2-year anniversary of the Great Bread Panic of '01 (pronounced "ought-one") AND of our debut on Providence local television.

United States of Whatever

stills from video

Watch the video (on YouTube)

Hey everybody! My little brother, Liam, has one of the biggest singles in the UK!! Many of you may know his song "United States of Whatever" from my "J2K" compilation CD or from his own CD releases. Recently, he got distribution for it in the UK and it has EXPLODED!

John in the Morning, KEXP, Seattle


Friends, at the risk of weakening my status as the go-to girl for new music, I'm going to share a secret with you. Lately, I've been cheating. It used to be that I had to forage diligently for new and interesting bands. I'd find them via word of mouth, magazine articles, under rocks in dry creek beds... almost anywhere but the radio. That's changed.

The Happiest Show on Earth

QUESTION: What has...

— about 2 dozen dancing people in animal costumes

— twice that many high-powered flash lights sweeping in all directions

— four 4-ft diameter disco balls casting a million specks of light

— a dozen or so brightly-colored, confetti-filled, 3-ft diameter balloons bouncing around the audience

— a spike mounted on the tip of the guitar head to pop said balloons, resulting in a shower of confetti

— fog machines

— non-stop intriguing video footage

The Lane and Courtney Wedding Weekend Spectacular

lane and courtney

VIEW THE PHOTO GALLERY in a new window.

Last weekend, Jeff and I went to San Francisco for the wedding of our friends, Lane and Courtney. I've assembled a collection of approximately 40 photos out of the 250+ I snapped during the course of the trip. Enjoy!

Addendum: Email from Mom

Thanks for taking us to the wedding with you. You have the best friends.

Scooter Society


Jeff and I got a new Honda Metropolitan scooter!

It all started when we stopped by the Vespa store in Los Angeles. The row of shiny Vespas outside were so purdy... especially the custom two-tone models. A month or so later, we rented a generic scooter to whizz around Block Island for our anniversary. And as it turns out, scooters are lots of fun!

Reunion in Minneapolis

It's funny how time flies. And not just afternoons, or the first half of any new year...but whole decades!

One day I just turned around and found it had been 9 years since I had last seen Meg. Meg!--one of my best friends in college and a constant pal and roommate in Boston. We each had husbands whom the other had never met. It was completely crazy!

Cresvention 2002!!


Last weekend I attended the 2nd Annual Sifl & Olly "Cres-vention" in Los Angeles. (For those who don't know, "Cres" is short for "Crescent Fresh", the Sifl & Olly way to say "cool".)

The event is an opportunity for hard-core Sifl & Olly fans across the country to to hang out together and spend time with Liam, Matt, and other people responsible for creating the show. It's a conference of silliness, sing-alongs, and general good vibes. I had a fabulous time!

5 Simple Pleasures (in no particular order)

1. Lemonade from scratch

2. Photo sticker booths

afro.jpg3. Afros

saltines.gif4. Saltines

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