My Windowboxes


My windowboxes are growing like gangbusters!! I've never seen so many petunias in such a small space.

Here are a few more photos. Click to see them at a larger size (note, they will open in a new window).

Birthday Girl (July 19, 1969)

That's me crying at my own birthday party. This was the standard scene at my first 5 birthdays or so. Why? Because I hated when people sang "Happy Birthday to You." I didn't know where to look, what sort of expression to make, whether to sing along too. I couldn't take the pressure of being the center of attention, so I coped by hiding my face entirely... sometimes resorting to a more drastic under-the-table strategy.

M&M Corporate Identity Kit

With M&M's new colors, corporate identity has never tasted so delicious!!


Did I miss any? Drop me a line (or a scan). I'll post yours to the site (with credit, of course!
(of course! how did I forget jenville! Thanks Linda and Jeff)

Linda Bean Pardee
Jeff Veen

Impromptu Trips to New York City

Times Square

(note, the site will open in a new browser window)

Impromptu trips to New York City are a cinch now that I've got:

A) a home in Providence that's a mere 3.5-hour drive away, and

B) a gang of Boston friends who will head down to New York at the drop of a hat.

I put together a little photo site of our adventures there. Enjoy!

My Signed Todd Rundgren Albums

signed album

I have one of the best answers ever to the "What was your first concert?" question.

Acme Oyster House, New Orleans

oyster still life

Sheri told me the oysters were big and abundant in New Orleans. In fact, she had been telling me for nearly a year at our monthly "martini and oyster" dinners in Boston. I believed her, of course, but something about the wild, dreamy look in her eye when she reminisced about her visit to the Acme Oyster House convinced me that I had to experience this spectacle for myself.

SXSW 2002!!

I love SXSW. Love the people, love Austin, love the molé sauce and margaritas and queso. Love-love-love-love-love!

Here are a few photos I snapped with my "retro" camera that takes pictures on a canister of film. You can still find places that will turn the film into printed pictures. I felt bad for disappointing all those people who kept running behind my camera to see their photos right after they were taken. (It's interesting how quickly new technologies breed new behaviors.)

Alsatian Little Chair in a Nutshell

little chair in a nutshell animated

What in the world is an Alsatian Little Chair in a Nutshell? Well, it's one my most interesting and prized possessions, and it's got a story.

My New Loafers

new shoes

Know what's great about my new loafers?

1. They were instantly comfortable, like a favorite old pair of shoes, right when I tried them on.

2. The toe is wide and the sole is curvy, so they're a little funkier than ordinary loafers.

3. The leather has a soft sheen.

4. E-Z on, E-Z off!

5. They were on sale for $33!

Vacancy: Motel Postcards from the Era of the Open Road

50s hotel postcard

My friend, Meg, pointed me toward this online collection of postcards of motels in the 50s and 60s. It's positively brilliant! Not only are the cards amazing, but James Lilek's commentary is wry and right on.

A word of warning... this site will suck you in. If you're like me, you'll inadvertently "just-one-more" yourself through an hour or more.

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